To The Top! a musical short film by Fiona Gillman

The Broadway smash musical ‘To The Top!’ is finally coming to Australia, and the auditions for the lead role of Desiree Starr are going to be fierce. In an industry where everyone is just a number, how will Heidi, Kathy and Patrice make their mark? A musical satire following three girls auditioning for the role of a life time, 'To The Top!' explores the heartache, joy, disappointments and perseverance that comes with following your dreams. Directed by Fiona Gillman and produced by Holly Fraser, with music by Zac Threadgold and Maria Alfonsine.

Audience Choice Award - Sydney Film School Festival - 2015
Most Outstanding Performance - Sydney Film School Festival - 2015
Best Composer - Sydney Film School Festival - 2015
Best Editor - Sydney Film School Festival - 2015
Best Producer - Sydney Film School Festival - 2015

Introducing Fiona Gillman as Heidi, Patrice and Kathy; three women (with varying degrees of talent) competing for the role of a lifetime.

Principal Cast:
Heidi Evans, Patrice Pupette, Kathy Grubler: Fiona Gillman
Lettuce: David Hov
Nayeli: Anna Chase

Key Crew:
Writer/Director: Fiona Gillman
Producer/Co-Director: Holly Fraser
Director of Photography: Gourav Gandhi
Head Designer: Kieran Strang
Editor: Rita Moricz
Sound Recordist: Daisuke Chiba
Sound Mixer: John Hresc
Composers: Maria Alfonsine, Zac Threadgold

The audition song and underscore composed by Maria Alfonsine and the opening number by Zac Threadgold.