Composing and performing for Blue-S-Cat by Koffi Kwahulé

Presented by theatre company Hurrah Hurrah and directed by Alicia Gonzalez.

A man and a woman are trapped in an elevator. Alone in an unnamed city, confined and isolated by their own thoughts. Blue-S-Cat is an absurdist dramedy. Using the improvisational rhythms of jazz; the characters’ inner monologues propel the story and music of the play across a complex landscape of the mind.

On stage you will see the actors Alison Bennett and Robert Rhode, with dance choreographed by Dymphna Carew. The music will be co-created and performed by jazz guitarist Tom Wood and vocalist Maria Alfonsine.

About the Playwright
Koffi Kwahulé is an Ivorian writer and playwright. In 2006 he won the Prix Ahmadous Kourouma for his novel Babyface, and the Grand Prix Ivoirien des Lettres.
A native of Abengrourou, Kwahulé began his artistic studies at the National Arts Institute in Abidjan. Upon receiving a state scholarship, he continued his studies in France, working at the École Nationale Supérieure des arts et des techniques du Théâtre de Paris. He received a doctorate in theatrical studies at the Sorbonne. Since 1977, he has written over twenty plays, some of which have been published by Lansman and Théâtrales. His language has been described as musical, influenced by the rhythms of jazz. Today Kwahulé is among the most popular African playwrights in the world; his work has been translated into numerous languages, and his plays have been shown in Europe, the United States, and Canada.

The play is translated from French to English by Chantal Bilodeau.

Old 505 Theatre, Newtown
23 August – 28 August

Tues - Sat, 8:00pm
Sun, 6pm