Experimental Compositions

Ten Feet From The Shore / At The Corner - Voice & Body Portfolio

The original sounds for these production include nothing but voice and body sounds. This portfolio creates a wish, that we as individuals would take a moment to reflect upon what our world looks like and then perhaps make some changes, together.
Written, performed and produced by Maria Alfonsine 2013.
Part of exhibition at Pseudo Space as part of Leichhardt Open Studio Trail (LOST), and Tranemo Art Gallery in Sweden 2014.

Experimental Compositions

Man Får Inte Va På Vakt
A sampling project consisting of children and adults voices in an attempt to create images of childhood memories.

Sound Composition One
Exclusive use of tape techniques, sounds derived from camera clicks and shaving foam. Unique sounds manipulated from its original source capturing the atmosphere of a big hollow concrete environment.

Brevet I Sanden
Created as a sound installation for surround system in a gallery. Performed by cello and vocal.
Lyrics, music and vocals: Maria Alfonsine
Cello: Sister Ursuline
Audio engineer: Alicia Limasa

Reflective Vibrations
A piece for the soul, a moment for the listener to sit down and reflect but also a place to gain new energy for the things to come.
The world premiere of the piece was performed by lead carillonist Lyn Fuller on the Australian National Carillon as part of the Centenary of Canberra Celebration in 2013.
It has also been recorded performed on a piano found on the street, perfectly out of tune. I have sampled this piano for further use - "Piano From The Street".


Chopin's Breathing
Frédéric Chopin suffered from fear of suffocation. Because of his lung disease he was afraid to be buried alive. He requested to have this piece played at his funeral. I have created a breath arrangement to be performed alongside with the piano piece to enhance the journey towards his last breath. Using a "normal" piano to start with and then gradually changing to my sampled "Piano From The Street", killing one key at the time.

Arrangement of the Piano Sonata No. 14 in C-sharp minor "Quasi una fantasia", Op. 27, No. 2, Moonlight Sonata, composed by Ludwig van Beethoven, arrangement by Maria Alfonsine.
Photo: www.ltvirtove.lt