Composing music and lyrics for Lemon Tree by Alicia Gonzalez

Artefacts: Stories about artists
4pm 2nd July 2016 |  Blank_Space Gallery |  Surry Hills

Lemon Tree presented by Artefacts is a short absurd theatre-bite, exploring freedom, self-preservation and human nature. A Marquez Laundry Theatre Co. production written by Alicia Gonzalez.

CAST & CREATIVES: Alicia Gonzalez, Mathias Olofsson & Maria Alfonsine

I have written a little operatic piece for vocals and cello will be performed by the super talented vocalist Emma Druett and the amazing cellist Sister Ursuline.

Artefacts is a storytelling exhibition and a collaborative effort between artists and the public, bringing together some diverse and compelling cross-cultural works by visual and performing artists from two seemingly disparate but very distinctive disciplines. This exhibition is curated and initiated by Sydney curator Arthur Chan, whilst the original exhibition was held in 2014 at Melbourne's Chinese Museum.