Composing Music for Babelism:Love & Memory

BABELISM:LOVE & MEMORY explores how love has impacted your self worth and what memory you retain from past experiences that affect your 'now' state of being.

Photo by Jesse Watt

Babelism:Love & Memory, has been a birthing affair for artist Sarah Vickery for almost two years. Her desire to create devised work sprung from her influences Marina Abramović, Martha Graham, Pina Bausch and Olwen Fouéré. These women have all been unaware, distant mentors who have made heavy handed impressions on the drive and conception of Babelism – a series of endurance works focusing on different aspects of the human condition.

Drawn from the artists’ personal experiences, Babelism:Love & Memory is an intimate live art performance for an audience of 12. Hosted by project facilitators Sarah Vickery and Mathias Olofsson in the centre of the room, the 12 viewers will be presented with a series of considered questions and thoughts relating to love and self-worth. Project facilitators will interact with the audience and Maria Alfonsine’s composed sound design through gesture and movement to express these thoughts and questions. A 45 minute experience where YOU are the most important person in the room.

Babelism:Love & Memory, is a part of Melbourne Fringe Festival 2016 at Metanoia Theatre at the Mechanics Institute in Brunswick from 28th September – 2nd October.