Film credits include the musical comedy short To The Top! (Fiona Gillman), for which Maria won the Best Composer Award sponsored by the Australian Guild of Screen Composers at the 23rd Sydney Film School Festival in 2015. She won her second Best Composer Award for her music and lyrics for Vittoria Merlino-Dentice's short film Veov Drive, 2016 also included making the music and sound design for the documentary short film Without Consent by Diane Busuttil, as well as the sound design for the Croatian short film Into The Blue (Antoneta Alamat Kusijanovic), in collaboration with Croatian production company Motion together with Swedish Honeypot Productions, developed through Berlinale Talents and Nisi-Masa's European Short Pitch. Into The Blue had its world premiere at Berlinale - Berlin International Film Festival in February 2017 and has since continued its award winning travel around the world.

Musical Theatre credits include her gender-bent 2012 musical The Song of A Princess, and the 2015 horror comedy musical Dr.McCarb's Independent Surgical Hospital On The Hill with book by Michael Heming. Theatre credits include Trade by Alison Bennett (Hurrah Hurrah), Lemon Tree by Alicia Gonzalez (Marquez Laundry Theatre Co), Babelism: Love & Memory concept by Sarah Vickery, and dance piece Mens Rea: A Shifter's Intent by Raghav Handa performed in Australia and England. Exhibitions include Lea Kannar-Lichtenberger's installation Deception in 2017, and showings of Maria's music and photo art at Pseudo Space as part of Leichhardt Open Studio Trail (LOST), and Tranemo Art Gallery in Sweden 2014.

In 2017 Maria won her third Best Composer Award for Maya. (Anagha Unni and Ocean Blue (Johan Fredén). She also had the supreme pleasure of landing a composer's attachment with multi award winning Australian film and television composer Guy Gross (The Adventure of Priscilla - Queen of the Desert, Farscape) while he was scoring ABC's television drama series Pulse (Screen NSW, Australian Guild of Screen Composers, Church Street Studios and Clandestine Beyond), which secured her a studio space in the music house Church Street Studios, Sydney. Her most recent work include additional music for Pulse, Too Pretty To Be Witty's comedy sketches for Freshblood/ABC iview, as well as vocalist and music editor for Stephan Elliott's new feature Flammable Children. Maria is currently composing the music for Genna Chanelle Hayes' feature film Akoni.


Pulse : Music From the TV Series - Soundtrack Album - Music & Lyrics for "Fighter"
Flammable Children - Music Editor - Piccadilly Pict./See Pict./Wildheart Films - Stephan Elliott
Pulse - Additional Music/Composer's Attachment - ABC - Clandestine TV/Beyond Entertainment
Too Pretty To Be Witty - Sketches for ABC's Fresh Blood/iView - by Fiona Gillman/Petra Lovrencic
Deception - Installation - Composer/Sound Designer - by Lea Kannar-Lichtenberger
Maya. - Short Film - Composer - Anagha Unni
Decorum - Short Film - Composer - by Lorenzo Monti
Seek. - Short Film - Composer - by Andreas Torstensson
Trade - Play - Composer - Hurrah Hurrah Theatre Company - by Alison Bennett
Ocean Blue - Short Film - Composer/Lyricist - by Johan Fredén

Into The Blue - Short Film - Sound Designer - by Antoneta Alamat Kusijanovic
Without Consent - Documentary Short Film - Composer/Sound Designer - by Diane Busuttil
Veov Drive - Short Film - Composer/Lyricist - by Vittoria Merlino-Dentice
Babelism: Love & Memory - Live Performance Art - Composer/Lyricist - Metanoia Theatre, Melbourne
Centauri Lucy - Advertisement Short Film - Composer - by Yohet Xia
Scandinavian Film Festival - Jazz Band - Songwriter/Performer - Palace Cinemas Sydney
Lemon Tree - Play - Composer/Lyricist - Marques Laundry Theatre Co.- by Alicia Gonzalez
Mens Rea: The Shifter's Intent - Dance - Composer - Cairns/Brisbane/London - by Raghav Handa
Trade - Play - Composer - Hurrah Hurrah Theatre Company - by Alison Bennett

Waiting In The Wings - Short Film - Composer - by Melanie Jayne
To The Top! - Musical Short Film - Composer -  by Fiona Gillman
Dr. McCarb's... - Musical Theatre - The New Theatre, Sydney - Book by Michael Heming
Girl of Myth and Legend - Book Soundtrack - Lyricist - by Giselle Simlett
Scandinavian Film Festival - Jazz Band - Songwriter/Performer - Palace Cinemas Sydney

Tranemo Art Gallery - Exhibition: Music & Photo Art - Tranemo Art Group
Lost In Leichhardt - Exhibition: Music & Photo Art - Pseudo Space
Chicken Coronation - Animated Short Film - Score/Sound Design - dir. Marlon Atinyao
Scandinavian Film Festival - Jazz Band - Songwriter/Performer - Palace Cinemas Sydney
Sydney Hair Expo - Jazz Band - Songwriter/Performer - Pivot Point Australia
Make A Wish Foundation - Jazz Band - Songwriter/Performer - Sydney City Tattersalls Club

Reflective Vibrations - Carillon piece - Performed by Lyn Fuller - Centenary of Canberra
Mistaken Identity - Short Film - Composer - dir. Nick Atanasoff
At The Corner - Voice & Body Portfolio - Compilation Album Best of AIM - by Maria Alfonsine

En Prinsessas Sång - Musical Theatre - Wendelsberg's Theatre - by Maria Alfonsine