Lemon Tree by Alicia Gonzalez

The poem by Maria Alfonsine from where the lyrics were created.

Lemon Tree presented by Artefacts is a short absurd theatre-operatic-bite, exploring ourselves in a darker light. Equally as imperfect (as nature) and equally powerful.

Writer/Devisor: Alicia Gonzalez
Devisor: Mathias Olofsson
Composer: Maria Alfonsine
Vocalist: Emma Druett
Cellist: Sister Ursuline

Babelism:Love & Memory by Sarah Vickery

Babelism:Love & Memory, has been a birthing affair for artist Sarah Vickery for almost two years. Her desire to create devised work sprung from her influences Marina Abramović, Martha Graham, Pina Bausch and Olwen Fouéré. These women have all been unaware, distant mentors who have made heavy handed impressions on the drive and conception of Babelism – a series of endurance works focusing on different aspects of the human condition.

Drawn from the artists’ personal experiences, Babelism:Love & Memory is an intimate live art performance for an audience of 12. Hosted by project facilitators Sarah Vickery and Mathias Olofsson in the centre of the room, the 12 viewers will be presented with a series of considered questions and thoughts relating to love and self-worth. Project facilitators will interact with the audience and Maria Alfonsine’s composed sound design through gesture and movement to express these thoughts and questions. A 45 minute experience where YOU are the most important person in the room.

BABELISM:LOVE & MEMORY explores how love has impacted your self worth and what memory you retain from past experiences that affect your 'now' state of being.

Watch the trailer and listen to one of the songs from the show below. Music and lyrics by Maria Alfonsine.

Babelism:Love & Memory, premiered at Metanoia Theatre at the Mechanics Institute as part of Melbourne Fringe Festival 2016.

Mens Rea: The Shifter's Intent by Raghav Handa

A dance performance piece performed and choreographed by Raghav Handa.
Mens rea gathers influences from Australian Aboriginal and Indian cultures and explores the concept of shape-shifting. Set against the background of the Hindu epic Ramayana, it uses 3D motion capture technology, animated CG character and stylistically diverse dance languages and aesthetics. Handa shifts shape to embody three mythic characters and creates a world where intentions, emotions and personas are beguiling and mercurial.
Paradigm-shifting forces at work. Images blurred and boundaries crossed.

Maria Alfonsine's two pieces draw influences from Krzysztof Penderecki's Threnody to the Victims of Hiroshima and Arvo Pärt's Perpetuum Mobile Op.10.

The show opened at Centre Of Contemporary Arts in Cairns on the 24th of June 2016 and then continued to Brisbane and London. Click here for more info about the show or go to Mens Rea's Facebook Page.

TRADE - A Play by Theatre Company Hurrah Hurrah

The musical score underpinning the performance, by Maria Alfonsine, is more than apt and in its own way contributes to the humour of the exercise.
— Kevin Jackson's Theatre Diary

Extracts from the music for Hurrah Hurrah and the final development of TRADE, "a highly physical and stylised exploration of the engine that keeps the world turning: money. Through bouffon and object play, we explore Delta 1, the hedge fund trying to kill through investment. Hilarious and dark, it will make you laugh out loud... and uncomfortably".

Hurrah Hurrah is a theatre company dedicated to actor led, processes based theatre and live performance.

The music and sounds are a combination of manipulated organic sounds and crazy rhythms, and once in a while a little melody. A mix of disaster and comedy. Music composed and produced by Maria Alfonsine.

Read the great REVIEWS we received after successful runs in Sydney and Adelaide 2017!

Dr. McCarb's Independent Surgical Hospital On The Hill - Musical

A new horror/comedy musical about a hospital well known for its success with even the most difficult of medical cases. But will the unconventional methods allow the hospital to keep its license?
Premiered at New Theatre in Sydney/ Australia 2015.
Book by Michael Heming
Music & Lyrics by Maria Alfonsine

More music coming soon!

The Song Of A Princess (the Swedish musical En Prinsessas Sång) - Musical

A gender-bent musical from a young woman's perspective about norms, gender roles, expectations and dreams.
Premiered at Wendelsberg's Theatre in Gothenburg/Sweden 2012.
Book, music and lyrics by Maria Alfonsine.

Music coming soon!