Composer & Lyricist for Veov Drive by Vittoria Merlino-Dentice

Melody and Leon Day live in a world of their own: they have their own language, games and acceptable behaviour. Melody met Leon in a small town, on one of her escapes from the city. The eccentric couple has been inseparable for the past 30 years, living on the road. The Days aren't your typical 60 year olds. They have something undeniably cool – youth.

Melody is diagnosed with malignant breast cancer. Refusing 'soul-sucking' chemotherapy, she would rather live the rest of her months with the same vitality she always has. There's no slowing down. The couple is as outrageous as ever, leaving a mark everywhere they go.

But tonight is different. The pair are forced, finally, to confront the reality of their situation.

Written and directed by Vittoria Merlino-Dentice. The short film will premiere at the 25th Sydney Film School festival at the Paddington Chauvel in December.

Carmen Duncan will play the female lead Melody Day.

Shooting location - Stockton Beach sand dunes, near Newcastle